Message from Our Founder

Esther Natali

Springs of Zion for Children and Widows Foundation started in October 2012 as a Community Based Organization (CBO) with 20 windows and 35 vulnerable children below 18 years. I was inspired to start helping the women and children in this community because of the unfavorable conditions they experience such as the growing number of teenage pregnancies, early marriages, child labor, violation of human right in families by their male counter parts, extreme poverty whereby families can hardly have meals especially during floods and drought seasons where all food crops get destroyed.

When I studied at Butaleja Integrated primary school way back in mid 1980s, we were not given any meals at school, yet we had to report to school at 8:00am and go back at 4:00Pm. What made matters worse, the school did not have clean drinking water. I always could thirsty whenever the little water I had carried from home got finished.

Girls at school did not have separate washroom to clean themselves when in menstrual cycle and did not have any pads. This situation forced many to remain at home during their periods, making them to miss lessons and catching up with the rest was so difficult.

This situation resulted into many girls dropping out of school and later being forced into early marriages.

I made up my mind that when I grow up, I must improve peoples’ lives in this community.

I later realized that it’s not enough to help children to complete their education or remain in school without helping their families as well.

We are now working with farmers in various ways (the majority of families in this community are peasant farmers) to improve the quality of their lives so that their children can further be supported.

Helping the vulnerable people to access better services and improve the quality of life is my passion and gives me satisfaction!!!
I kindly request well-wishers to join us with your support to lift the standard of living in this community.

Thank You!